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Calls cost 90p / 1.22 / $1.38 per minute
I live in the UK so (London) GMT applies
see the world clock on the right for more time zones
I'm usually available to take calls between 8.00 -22.00 GMT

Hello, I'm an elite phone sex mistress and my name is Ruby Domina and this is my high end, exclusive website that you have had the honour (and perhaps misfortune) to land upon!

My professional purpose and occupational maitresse mission statement is to degrade, deride, dominate, vex, taunt, humiliate and punish you - and all of my other subjects, slaves, servants, slags, sluts and sissy's - over the phone, for your misdemeanour's, sexual persuasions and sordid fantasies and kinky disdainful pathetic perverted twisted fetishes. 

Therefore regard and revere this site as a virtual dungeon, an online chamber of Bondage and Discipline and Sadism and Masochism especially for my delight and your delectation where you will dampen and dull your visual senses and sensibilities and instead get your kicks via aural / sound sensory perception and the imaginings and visualisations of my mind coupled with yours. 

So welcome to this tantalisingly dark pleasure dome and tortuously exquisite service - phone a domme!

find me & other gorgeous phone sex chicks @