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Customer Gallery

↑ Cop Whore 
also known as Slave Dave
is a real life British police officer!
his favourite track of all time is
F*ck The Police by NWA

↑ Obedient Wanker ↑
doing what he does best... 
serving me!

↑ Yaza loves being ↑ 
my pay piggy
oink oink!

↑ By night ↑ 
when his wife is asleep
John becomes Brian
and as you can see
 Brian (or is it John?)
bends it not like Beckham ...

↑ Jason does what I say @ all times! 

↑ Silly Sissy Loser 
is such a stupid ...
well LOSER ...

↑ What's Up loves being my bitch toy! 

↑ Chris 
is addicted to phone sex sessions 
with me

↑ Postie under my indomitable spell 
you may have to zoom in for this one!

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