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101) BayP - Once you go with Ruby Domina you never go with any one else

100) LilSausageDick - Please Mistress, take pity on me and my little dick 

99) DirtyBarry - I love sucking on my new vibrating dildo cock for Ruby Domina

98) Ladyman - Mistress Ruby knows my wife's married to a stupid secret closet sissy bitch!

97) ToyRoySix66 - Thanks for the show

96) PinkSatinSlave - I love Ruby Domina seeing me dressed up in my wifes bra and panties 

95) AdamPants - Highly recommended

94) SimonB - Ruby Domina has a hold on me and my cock!

93) FreshnJuicy - Believe the hype!

92) SillyWillyWanker - I want another Skype show with u ASAP!

91) Rubin - F*kc yeah!

90) Up Urs - I wish I could have a session with you in real time mistress

89) MuderFuger - I'll be back!

88) Jonathon - Such a refined woman when it comes to the art of domination

87) Borriss - I love playing the spank, wank and yank game with Mistress

86) JazyD - She's certainly one mean 
B I T C H !!!

85) Kieth - Mistress Ruby enjoys degrading me but I enjoy her doing it to me even more!

84) A Man Named Jakc - Umm, thanx 4 the Skype

83) GudGuyGoneBad - I so enjoy being corrupted by the one and only mistress Ruby Domina

82) Glutton4Punishment - I am so into you it's ridiculous 

81) One Ball - Ruby Domina is one of a kind!

80) Graham - I'm definitely going to be a repeat customer for both phone sex and Skype webcam shows with Ruby

79) Promiscuous Guy - I am under orders to not have sex because Mistress Ruby Domina now owns my cock

78) HugeDick - I have a huge 9 inch cock but Mistress Ruby turned the tables on me and made me have a large penis humiliation session with her

77) Judgydred - By day I'm a circuit judge but by night I seek more gratuitous delights which Ruby Domina willingly provides. Please mistress do not reveal my true identity! 

76) SlyGuy - Ruby Domina has the best voice in the biznis!

75) Lewis - I enjoyed a very humiliating Skype encounter with Mistress Ruby Domina and I loved it, I'm now Ruby's bitch!

74) Stan - I will be back for more as soon as I have more money to bestow on this top mistress!

73) Richard - Simply brilliant!

72) FuckGetMeNot - I certainly won't forget Mistress Ruby Domina when I need a Skype session with a cruel dominatrix

71) DJCockRock - - I love this woman, she certainly knows her mind and she sure knows how to put me in my place, which is at her feet, metaphorically speaking of course!

70) Fireman Dan - Ruby is the best, she has a great imagination and really knows how to get the juices flowing

69) KevTheGent - Mistress is simply the best, her voice is so sexy and her role play imagination is truly amazing

68) Candleman - An amzing skilled mistress

67) Markus - Amazing commanding voice. Strict and sensual and dominating

66) Whoami - I think the technical term is yum!

65) Rod - I now have a new favourite webcam mistress, Ruby is amazing

64) Caraman - The real deal, I had the pleasure of the company of this Mistress on Skype, she certainly left her mark on me!

63) James The Sub - Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, you are one sexy lady and I really look forward to having a session with you again soon

62) Taxi Man - First class and then some ... superb imagination, continuity to a very happy ending indeed!

61) Subdivided - Amazing, stunning, beautiful, a domina of quality and imagination 

60) What's Up - Ruby Domina has made me her bitch toy!

59) Jason - I love to obey and serve my mistress!

58) Obedient Wanker - I am under mistress Ruby's spell

57) Cop Whore - Ruby Domina certainly knows how to humiliate and degrade an off duty police officer!

56) Robby - Wow what an unusual sexy voice, yum

55) Bashrand - Very sexy voice and a creative dominant mind

54) Diamond - Great mistress, lovely southern English accent

53) SissyWhore - Amazing call with mistress Ruby. She's a true goddess that will control you from the outset and make you wish the call would never end

52) Falcon - Very creative and enthusiastic 100 out of 100

51) The Sub - great Dominating session! A natural!

50) Footboy Scotty - So damn hot and sexy, very intense and commanding, just as any good mistress should be!

49) Michael - Mistress Ruby Domina is very sexy and has a great accent and imagination. I will definitely be having more Skype shows and phone sex with her

48) Al - Brilliant Skype session and her webcam is very clear s well

47) Mmm - Ruby Domina wore red, she's so elegant, curvaceous and sensual, she'll delight your eye and please your mind

46) Razor - I have had a lot of fun with Mistress Ruby Domina over the last few months, she packs a mean whip! 

45) Soldat - very sexy lady, made sure she knew what I wanted and gave me exactly what I wanted

44) Brad - I had a great time with Ruby Domina 

43) Stevie - Excellent, just excellent, highly recommended 

42) Very Pervy - Wonderful, such a sexy voice and seductively commanding

41) Marble - A wonderful chat with a wonderful mistress, very commanding, thank you mistress Ruby

40) Filthy Minded - Excellent call, she really knew how to put me in my place

39) SweetScotsMan - Ruby Domina made me her cuckold bitch

38) Meleboi - Wonderful, sexy and so horny, Ruby has a great imagination and such a sexy domineering voice 

37) Mad Matt - Your black and white Sharon Stoned clip turns me on so much

36) Woody - very sexy dominant woman

35) Manc - Great kinky time thanks

34) Yossi - Stunning dom with an incredibly sexy voice

33) Puppy Slut - Very good Skype session, I even waited for her Skype online now to show after I heard her voice sample, she is so good at dominating me, completely addicted!

32) Spikey Mikey - Fantastic time, so sexy and masterful, loved it xxxxxxx

31) Nick - great show

30) Shy Guy - Wonderful sexy domme

29) Tommy - Absolutely awesome

28) Badass - Pure sexy

27) Sexy Red Bone - She makes me feel so comfortable about my fantasies, excellent to cam with

26) Mr Dempsey - fantastic, a real live wire

25) Karl - She is amazing

24) Mikey - Sexy dominatrix

23) Sean - Very sexy Skype show from a very sexy mistress x

22) Gangster - Amazing woman, the best at kinky games, can't wait to do it again! 

21) Dandy - Yummy

20) Kevin - Wow she was good fun

19) Dex - Dominant and sensual, really enjoyed it thanks

18) Avian - An excellent and imaginative 
Domme who really knows how to work a fantasy to it's fullest!

17) Mango Fury - Fantastic

16) Shamus - Excellent

15) Obedient - Wanker - wow ... just ... wow

14) Horse - Awsome, call her now!

13) Jason - What a sexy posh and dominant voice putting me in my place! Next time I will pay for a longer session...

12) Slave Neil - An absolutely amazing session with a brilliant Mistress

11) Chronicinability - So good and lots of instructions

10) Cedrick - I'm not worthy of such a wonderful mistress!

9) Subseeker - Such a gorgeous woman with an amazing sexy voice and amazing articulate and imaginative. Xxx

8) Sissy Chloe - Mistress Ruby knows how to treat a sissy

7) Madmatt - Mistress our session was soo hot, thank you xxxx

6) Slimka - Mistress makes me so horny

5) Woody Go - Sexy woman with a sexy voice

4) Kevin - Thanx ruby 4 r fone sex

3) Yossi - Stunning domme with incredibly sexy voice

2) YuppySlut - Very good phone session, so good at dominating a slave like me!

1) Allan - If you are seeking a bitch to direct your actions then OMG this is the woman for you! "Eat your cum!" and I did.. No hesitation... phew!

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