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Here above are a variety of high quality erotic sexxxy BDSM mistress themed MP4 audio recordings (delivered in video format) staring me! Some of the audios are written and narrated by myself - and two are written and narrated by Slave Marco. 

You can listen to the preview / demo clips from each audio on Soundcloud


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and you must be @ least 21 years of age or older to do so - you have 48 hours to watch / listen to it online and you also have 48 hours to download the MP4 audio, each file is charged @ 1 credit per minute. All recordings are ©opyrighted and are not to be reproduced and or redistributed without permission from this website.

If you desire to be my slave and write and record a kink / fetish / BDSM themed fantasy story which involves myself and you, then first of all send me your story in document form to rubydomina@yahoo.com of course if your story is good enough to be recorded and made into an audio file, only I shall profit from all of your hard work!

You can buy the audio mp4 clips by instant download.


To the best of my understanding, the videos on this website are not sexually explicit and are only flirtatiously suggestive with a hint of comedy and hence are performance art and don't contravene the obscene publications act being softcore in content; furthermore to the best of my understanding the videos on this site are not TV like as they are suplemenary and merely compliments the written articles on this blog. Furthermore all the videos on this website for purchase have an age gateway verification.

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